Tally so far on the feature script: 87 scenes since 1st Jan.

Last week: None.

FAITH is a funny thing. Belief that you can do something, belief that other people will understand what you are trying to say and help you build on your dream to make it a reality.

When no one else believes in you, it doesn’t matter if you only believe in yourself.

But if you don’t believe, then everything grinds to a halt.  I don’t mean doubts, everyone has those and you probably wouldn’t be a good writer without them.  I mean the withholding of energy from your project because you have lost faith in its value. What does it mean when this happens and what can you do about it?

Look at your life. What has happened recently? The reason may be outside not inside. Check your state of mind and health. Are you tired? Overworked? Stressed? So far, so normal. So if it isn’t that what is it?

Is it you? Has the reason you were writing this script gone away or been temporarily submerged by other feelings or desires? Has the emotional driver behind the piece fled?

I don’t know but for some reason this last week  I hardly wrote at all. I was approaching difficulties in the plot.  I was struggling to set up my recce trip. I felt I needed a producer to help me solve things – or at least to gee me up when I got down.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and a series of late nights (mostly work related), filming in a freezing cold factory, writing theatre reviews and long train trips to see relatives left me exhausted by Monday morning and unable to think let alone write.

Last night I slept for twelve hours.  And after a slow start this morning finally wrote a couple of scenes.

Maybe I needed some time away from the script to realise what I was missing…?

So you gotta have Faith.  And yes that is a song….

How do you recover when you’ve ground to a halt?  Leave a comment here or  tweet me @emlin32 on Twitter.  Take care of yourself.


One thought on “FAITH

  1. Hi Emma,

    I loved this! it applies to everything, not just writing.
    And I do believe you must always have faith in what you are doing and that somehow it will end up in a good way, even if its a learning experience.

    All the best,

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