A Walk in the Park


I want to talk about my mentor on my feature.   This is a friend who has consistently supported me in my career and life choices and especially in the pursuance of my goal of writing and making this film.

It is a huge undertaking and many times I have wanted someone to talk to as I navigate the waters.  In simple walks around the park I have found companionship and a great listener in my friend.

The best mentors are intuitive, they divine what you need without asking.  A great teacher tells stories to communicate, as a parable,  offering their experience as a way to illuminate your own.  Instead of answering your question directly they answer it with a story that allows you to draw your own conclusions and make the connection to your  problem.

This is a very sophisticated and yet emotionally daring way to teach, as you have to share your doubts as well as your successes.

Wise men say only fools rush in which perhaps makes fools of us all.  But I do know I owe a lot to emotional risk takers.  And is that not what we do when we write?  Take a chance and reach out for redemption, forgiveness, atonement.

By sharing our stories we not only forge friendships but move beyond our own concerns into a higher state of understanding.  It is one of the most extraordinary gifts, to offer up your own life experience in the service of others.  I am lucky enough to have that person in my life.  May you find someone who can do the same for you.