Make your own Cheerleader


Everyone needs a cheerleader!

I’m sure many guys would agree with me though I don’t mean the all American cute’n’bendy girl kind.  I mean a friend who is always in your corner cheering you on in whatever mad enterprise you choose to take on next. They may be your partner, work colleague or friend.  I am lucky enough to have several close friends and a family who are tireless supporters of me and my hare-brained schemes.

So how do you find – and keep – your own personal cheerleader?

1)   Take chances. Fortune favours the brave. Risk taking creates its own energy and brings you unexpected allies and supporters.

2)   Admit you’re scared. Asking for moral support – as well as practical help – is the sign of a strong not a weak character.

3)   Offer help to others. Sounds obvious but supporting others is its own reward and builds friendships built on mutuality and shared interests.

4)   Join mentoring schemes and networking/support groups or create your own. Like attracts like and joining forces once a month to share successes and problems is immensely satisfying and fun.


5)   Ask for advice and opinions. Read each other’s scripts and application forms. Involve others in your ideas, they can usually make them better!

6)   Be generous with your time. However busy you are, take a moment to listen and reply to a request for help. The favour will be repaid a hundred times.

7)   See friends not rivals. Create a community of artists just like you – they are absolutely your best support in a competitive world.

The best cheerleaders are smart, supportive, kind and often very unselfish. They’re also a little bit magic.



I may not win the World Cup but I have the best cheerleaders a girl could wish for. Thank you. x