movement.037MOMENTUM is when

  • You can’t sleep at night because your brain is buzzing with ideas and conversations you’ve had.
  • The people you’re meeting start talking about each other and you realise they’re all connected
  • Everyone wants to help you.
  • You perceive a benevolent universe.
  • Goals that seemed difficult suddenly feel within reach.

Alongside writing my feature I’ve been interviewing a lot for TV work recently and looking for an agent. This week all my preparation and hard work seemed to be paying off as several great meetings rolled into each other and I had a couple of major breakthroughs in areas where I’d previously felt stuck. The breakthroughs revolved around people offering me help in the areas I’d been struggling with, which attracted other people in turn.

Whenever I’m in trouble I imagine my friends and family stretching out in a pyramid behind me to offer support. Right now I feel like I have a huge crowd of new friends ready to reach out and help me reach my goals.

When I first heard the American expression ‘to reach out to someone’ I found it laughable.  Don’t they just mean ‘contact someone’? I thought.  But though it may sound sentimental, reaching out for help is what you do every day when you’re producing a film – and the earth rises up to meet you.  People offer the help you need just when you need it and together you become something bigger than yourselves.  You are in service to an idea and the realisation of that idea has the power to move people inexplicably – and for a long time after your film is made.

So reach out… or, if you are British, contact someone soon.

Because when you have momentum it feels momentous.

Who gives you momentum? What projects have inspired people to work alongside you? Leave a comment here or tweet me @emlin32 on Twitter.